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Links to Some of Our Favorite Sites


TONY PULLIZI  A great guitarist! I have known Tony since he was in High School.  He has grown to become an incredible musician.  Check out his site and buy some CD's.  You won't be disappointed

THE INTELLITOUCH TUNER   This is the easiest, most accurate tuner I have every used.  They have tuners that work on ANY instrument.

JAZZKAT AMPLIFIERS  I recently played a JazzKat Amp and was so impressed I contacted them immedeiately.   It is designed for jazz players and has a powerful clean sound.  It's compact lightweight design makes it the perfect amp for jazz guitarists.

ROBERT CONTI Guitarist and educator.

TRUEFIRE A great learning  site, every style and genre imaginable can be learned with the products from TrueFire.

JIM TRIGGS GUITARS One of the finest luthiers in the world.  An exquisite craftsman.

BRAINSTORM Ed Illig of Brainstorm did the graphics and layout work on the Destinations CD.  Whether a companies goals include increasing revenues, advancing efficiencies, lowering expenses or fostering new and repeat business, Brainstorm will create a competitive edge.

MARK STEFANI  The best learning site on the web!  Mark has been instrumental in my musical growth.

TONY DECAPRIO - Jazz Guitarist Maestro  Tony is an incredible guitarist.  He has an innovative and progressive style.

MOSSMAN MUSIC A long time friend and great musician.

STUDIO NINE PRODUCTIONS  Michael Nickolas has every base covered.  He records, plays, flies airplanes, writes music, and has musical resources that will cover any need for any musician.

MTS MUSIC TRANSCRIPTION SERVICES MTS provides a variety of services to musicians

NICOLE HENRY  Stephanie's favorite vocalist.  This young lady can really sing.  Her new CD is awesome; she is talented, smart and going places!

JUST JAZZ GUITAR ONLINE  A great magazine for Jazz guitar enthusiasts.

JIMMY BRUNO  One of the premier jazz guitarists playing today.

BLIND DOG STUDIOS A great resource for your studio and CD duplication needs.

GEORGE BENSON  The name says is all!


GUILLERMO SERPAS  My friend Guillermo is an awesome talent.  His Latin style is very moving.