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Very few pictures exist from my early playing days.  It is rather frustrating.  I was camera shy and didn't think I would ever want a scrap book.  The pictures on this page are all we have left to document years of playing. I was fortunate to meet some legendary players including Joe Pass, Tal Farlow, George Benson and others.  Wish I had carried a camera with me!  When I think of all the great people I played with, Kathy Ramone, Larry Findlay, Jim Souslan, Steve Hockenberry, Don Mossman, Sam Doman, Don Harlan and a host of others (the list is long), it is sad very few pictures or mementos exist.  I played hundreds of gigs with Kathy Ramone alone.  I highly recommend to anybody reading this to take lots of pictures and keep all the mementos you can.   Below are some old and new, hope you enjoy them.  Wish I still had all that hair...............

 Regards, Dave

A great afternoon of jazz at Steve Olsen's house.

The whole band at the Red Cat Jazz Cafe

Dave at the Red Cat

Dave and Brian Best

Andreas Oberg, Robert Conti, Joey DeFrancesco and me. I was hanging with some pretty good company.

Guitar virtuoso Andreas Oberg and Russell Ferrante from the Yellow Jackets.

Grammy nominated Gil Parris, jazz great Frank Vignola, jazz legend Robert Conti, Ali and myself. A dinner to remember.

James Bowers, Brian Best and Dave Illig at the Cowboys and Quilts.

Guitar virtuoso Muriel Anderson and me at dinner with Frank Vignola looking on.

Frank Vignola and I talking over dinner.

Gil Parris and I talking about the music industry and live music.

Gary Mazzaroppi, Frank Vignola, Robert Conti and myself talking about music.

Myself, Robert Conti, Jim Frejek and Paul Getty having lunch at the NAMM show.

Frank Vignola, myself and Brad Wendkos taking a break outside. Brad is one of the coolest guys on the planet.

One of the early bands I was in, an organ trio.

I met Herb Ellis, he is introducing me to the audience in this picture.


My good friend Robert Conti and me at the NAMM show.

Me trying to play guitar at an early age.

I played my last gig in Ohio at Granny's on December 31st, 1990. It was a great place, 4 nights a week and the owner was our trumpet player.

I played in the summer of '83 with the Lennon Sisters. The girl to the right of me is my wife Kathy. We sure were young!

A reunion at Mossman Music with Don and Keith.

My gransdon Brandon. I enjoy him even more than guitar.

Now, that's a music stand!

Stephanie trying to play guitar early.

My primary guitar, hand made by Jim Triggs. Exquisite sound, impeccable workmanship. A one of a kind instrument.

Beautiful flame maple abounds on this georgeous solid wood instrument. Hand carved one at a time, no laminates, true old world craftsmanship.

My office away from home. This is the cockpit of a 737-900.


My other love, one of the models of the 737 I fly for Continental here in Houston. This is a 737-800, I also fly the 300/500/700/900